Fleas &

Bed Bug Removal

Fleas and bed bugs are common household pests that can be extremely difficult to eradicate completely from your home. With our pest control solutions, we can offer effective and reliable options to rid your house of fleas and bed bugs for good. No matter the severity of your infestation, we can be on hand to offer our knowledge and expertise.

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Flea Jumping In Mid Air


Fleas are very tiny jumping insects that will infest your pets and can impact your entire house. They will live in carpets and soft furnishing such as pet beds, throws, rugs and more.

They can be brown or black depending on the type of flea, with long back legs that they use to jump quite far distances. Fleas can multiply rapidly and become a nuisance to both you and your animals. Their bites can cause lumps on human skin that are extremely itchy.

Bed Bug Close Up On Grey Bedding Material

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are round flightless insects that are red/brown, they are roughly the size of an apple seed and will bite your exposed skin during the night while you’re asleep.

These bugs are usually found around the piping and seams of your mattress as well as any cracks in your headboard or frame. If your room is heavily infested, you may find them throughout other soft furnishing in your room and also in drawers or other nooks.

Dense Group Of Bedbugs In Corner Of Wooden Furniture

Flea & Bed Bug Pest Control

With our fast responses and effective pest control solutions, we will ensure that your flea or bed bug infestation is under control swiftly. No matter the issue you have, we will sort it for you discreetly. Get in touch for further details.

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