Moth Pest Control

Carpet and clothes moths are typically the most common species of moths that can cause problems in your homes. Their larvae will eat natural fibres to extract keratin, which is why you may see small holes created in your silk, wool, cotton or even leather garments. Left for long periods of time in your wardrobe or drawers, makes them vulnerable to damage.

We provide a quick pest control solution that can be used to eradicate these insects from your home.

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Carpet Moth Identification

Carpet moths are small moths that fly in a lurching motion. They are dark brown/yellow in colour and can cause a considerable amount of damage to your carpet, rugs and more. The larvae are white/ yellow and around 1mm – 1cm in length.

Other signs you have a carpet moth infestation can include:

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Bare Patchy Carpet Showing Signs Of Carpet Moth Damage

Common Clothes Moth Identification

Common Clothes Moth On Patterned Fabric

Webbing Clothes Moths

Case Bearing Moth Larvae On Carpet Surface Close Up

Case-Bearing Moths

Brown Carpet Moth On Dark Grey Carpet

Moth Control

Acting quickly will ensure minimal damage occurs to your clothing items or carpets. Give us a call if you believe you have an infestation and we will be with you shortly.

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