Mouse Pest Control

If you believe you have a mouse infestation and need control from the professionals, choose our team. No matter the size of your issue or whether you are a business or residential customer, we will offer fast and reliable pest control solutions. Using safe and humane practices, we can quickly remove these destructive and unwanted pests.

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Mouse Identification

Mice are very small rodents and sometimes will get mistaken for rats, which are much larger. These small rodents can be identified by their grey-brown colouring, small head, large ears and long tail. They are very small and so can find their way into almost any area of your home or business. They are very destructive and despite their size, can cause an awful lot of damage to your property.

Similar to rats, mice have very powerful teeth and although their bite marks will be considerably smaller than that of a rat, they can create the same amount of damage, chewing through wood, plastic and more. Their droppings are again much smaller than a rat, being black/ brown around 5mm long.

Mouse Chewing Through Sack Of Grain, Seeds Spilling
Small Brown Mouse Sat On Window Ledge

Signs To Look Out For:

Mouse Removal Services

Using humane practices, we can quickly and discreetly tackle your mouse infestation. Mice can breed very quickly, so if you have noticed the early signs of a mouse problem, get in touch with us. Tackling these issues early on can make controlling it much easier, with less damage taking place in your home or at your business premises. Mice enjoy food, so you are more likely to notice signs of them near food preparation/ storage areas. 

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