Rat Pest Control

If you have noticed a rat problem either in your home or business premises in Newton Abbot, Torquay, Paignton or throughout the surrounding locations, give us a call. We can handle any rat problem that you may have. Rats cause a vast amount of damage to properties as well as posing a health and safety risk to both you and the general public.

Rats can also breed extremely quickly so if you have noticed one rat, don’t leave anything to chance, give us a call.

Rat Identification

If you see a rodent, it can be a bit confusing whether you have spotted a mouse or a rat. Rats are larger and heavier than mice and can be distinguished by their large heads, feet and hairless tails. Rats can also vary in colour from light brown to almost black.

You will also notice rat droppings are much larger than mice at around the size of a small jelly bean, which can be black/brown in colour and tapered at one end. Their teeth marks can also be spotted as rats have larger teeth and can be extremely destructive, chewing through wood, cables, plastic and much more.

Two Large Brown Rats Next Two Each Other On The Ground
Large Brown Rat Sitting On The Ground

Signs Of A Rat Problem:

Fast Pest Control

Rats can affect any home or business premises, those who deal with food/catering are at greater risk of an infestation. We can provide a fast and reliable service to eliminate your rat problem quickly and discreetly. Get in touch for further details.

Call Ultimate Pest Control

For a rapid response to your rat pest removal, give us a call today.
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